Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Devs tell us what the hell is up with alpha 11

After a ridiculously long wait (alpha 10.4 came out 18/dec/2015, exactly three months ago), The Fun Pimps now provide some slightly concrete information.

Posts by Madmole on the forum and/or his blog indicates that alpha 11 will probably come out something like 2 weeks from now, but it might be as little as 1 week, or as long as 4 weeks. So, most likely it'll be a little under 4 months between the latest release and alpha 11. Also, there are news on the website:
Hey Survivalists, So what the Hell is up with Alpha 11? We’ll it’s is nearing completion and we can smell the cornbread cooking over the campfire but we still have a ways to go as integrating Unity 5 has been a big job. That said, we’re getting close and if all goes well could have it out in March still. Tackling Unity 5 was well worth the effort but a few features needed to be pushed back but a lot of unexpected things have gotten in.

Here’s what’s made it in so far at very high level the official release notes will likely be 5 pages long.

Click here to go to the actual page, to see the full list.

Below I've picked out a few of the more exciting elements from the list. I have added only very little information from other sources, such as Madmole's dev blog, or his forum posts, almost everything is taken directly from the linked to list:

  • Item quality system added. This affects weapons, tools and clothes
  • Player levels implemented, as well as levelled loot. (Note: this change has been highly controversial, with lots of flak on the forums. I'm not too keen on it myself - Peter)
  • New ranged weapons added to the game: Bow and Blunderbuss. (Presumably the crossbow is now an advanced craftable weapon - Peter)
  • New prefab buildings added
  • Improvements to random map generation, including caves. Also Biome transitions are now dithered instead of abrupt, and some degree of server admin control over how random map generation works
  • Zombie Gore Blocks added, similar to animal Gore Blocks, but of course since Zombies sometimes attack in large numbers, the implications for fortress defence tactics are very interesting
As usual, I've emphasized the important bits, above, although it's a bit arbitrary, this time around, since I've already picked out half the items from the list on the official site, as the ones I think of as being important. I'll write a full 10.4->11.0 patch notes highlight, as with the previous ones, as soon as very shortly after alpha 11 is out, hopefully 3-4 weeks from now. As the page says, it's their "largest build yet", so the patch notes will probably be quite a mouthful.

Peter Knutsen

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