Thursday, 22 January 2015

Server Settings

This post shows the settings for the 34th Time-Windowed 7 Days to Die Silent Server. It's currently up-to-date for game00, as of 22nd of January 2015.

Server Browser Name
34th T-W Silent Server
Server Description
Time-Windowed and Silent private server
Server Website
Game Name
save0037 (this has to do with procedural generation - it's the RNG "seed")
Day Night Length
40 (minutes)
Game World
Random Gen
Game Difficulty
Normal (3rd out of 5)
Game mode
Zombies Run
Default (Run/Walk), meaning they walk during the day, run during the night
Public Server
Cheat mode
Friendly Fire
Rebuild Map
No (not sure what this does - it's most likely only relevant for Deathmatch mode games)
Drop On Death
Toolbelt Only
Drop On Quit
Craft Speed
Loot Speed
Zombie Memory
60 (Seconds)
Enemy Spawn Mode
Normal (4th option out of 6)
Enemy Difficulty
Normal (not Feral)
Night percentage
Block Durability Percentage
Loot Abundance
Loot Respawn Days
Land Claim Size
7 (not relevant for coop MP)
Land Claim Expiry Time
3 (also not relevant for coop MP)
Air Drop Timer
3 (should mean 3 days, but the reason Air Drops don't happen may be that it's still translated as hours by the server - see Server Bugs)
EAC Secure

None so far

Peter Knutsen

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