Thursday, 22 January 2015

Server Bugs

This is an index of server bugs, especially ones where the game mechanics don't match up with how the current version of the game (for now, that's 10.4) is supposed to be. Bugs are rated for severity. Fixed bugs are usually struck out, with one exception (see below, under "Critical").

Number of major bugs: 2
  • New Players Start With No Items
  • Air Re-Supply Drops Don't Happen
Bug problem severity: Both are major bugs, extremely annoying (see below), but do not actually make the game unplayable (or impossible to control), so they are not critical.

New Players Start With No Items

This bug has been present for many months, probably since the beginning. Instead of starting with the usual beginning items, 1 Bottled Water, 1 Can of Chili, 1 Bandage, and also recently 1 Torch, players start with no items at all.
Confirmed by: Peter, John, as by personal experience (repeatedly confirmed by Peter)
Possibly also confirmed by: Sayro (the situation was strange - see below)
Reported: Not yet formally reported to Carbonservers UK, due to wanting to let them have a peaceful Christmas.

Air Re-Supply Drops Don't Happen
This bug is more recent. Before that, there was a long period where instead of the Air Drops at noon, a Horde would arrive on those days, still at noon.
But now nothing happens at all. Air Drop interval is set to 3 days, meaning drops should happen at noon on day 3, 6, 9, 12 and so forth, but they never happen. A possible explanation for this is that when the devs, The Fun Pimps, changed the game to rate Air Drop intervals in days instead of in hours, a fuck-up happened so that somehow Carbon's server still thinks it's meant to be hours, or something like that.
Confirmed by: Peter, John, as by observation (will need to ask John, who has by now probably played a lot more on the test game, game00, than I have, if this problem persists)
Reported: Not yet formally reported to Carbonservers UK, due to wanting to let them have a peaceful Christmas.

Impact of the above mentioned Major Bugs
Both bugs make the game a lot harder than it already is, by depriving players of resources. Since the 34th T-W Silent Server is meant for casual play with friends, social play, including friends who are new to this game (total newbies), it is exceedingly undesirable that the game shall be harder than Medium difficulty setting in any way.

Minor Bugs
No minor bugs have been reported, nor observed by me (Peter), other than bugs and annoyances that appear to be an inherent part of the current v10.4 game as opposed to flaws or problems with the server hosting company.

Critical Bugs (this bug went away on its own)
Back in November or early December 2014, a strange bug occured where when people tried to log onto the server, they were instead somehow routed to my own personal computer, and resumed play of a singleplayer game that had been residing on my computer, with its settings, rather than a game that had anything to do with the settings I had configured the server to via the web interface. Note that this was when Sayro tried the server and reported starting with no items ("strange situation"). Several attempts to wipe the server did not resolve the issue.
At some point, probably at the release of alpha 10.0 with the ensuing server update, this bug went away, and normal server play became possible. This bug was never reported to Carbon Servers.
Please note, this bug is gone now. It's merely preserved here due to the extreme oddity of the situation.

Reporting bugs
If you encounter any bugs, please inform me, the server owner, Peter Knutsen, so that I can deal with them, relay the information to the hosting company if necessary. Do note that 7D2D is still in alpha (after alpha comes beta, then after beta comes release), it's an "early access" type of game, so many bugs and annoyances that occur are inherent to the game programme rather than being any fault of the server hosting company.

Peter Knutsen

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