Sunday, 25 January 2015

Patch notes 8.8 to 9.3 distilled

In these posts, I'll "distill" the patch notes released by The Fun Pimps, singling out those rather fewer game-mechanical changes that I consider to be noteworthy. In this way, players familiar with older versions get a chance to "catch up" quickly without having to read the mile-long patch notes themselves.

Alpha 9.0 from alpha 8.8, major changes
  • Random generation map added, as an alternative to the fixed Navezgane map
  • Fog-of-war added to Navezgane map play
  • Many new POIs added, such as City Blocks, Parking Garages, Movie Theaters
  • New mechanics and DeBuffs for Sprained Legs and Broken Legs
  • Dysentery DeBuff added (from drinking Murky Water), also Stun DeBuff (when hit - lasts only a few seconds), and Drowning DeBuff
  • Craftable clothes added, and Cotton farming
  • Scrap Metal building block option added (I've never used it - I don't know anything about it)
  • Suicide kinda sorta re-added to the game, happening if you use (eat) broken glass
  • Drinking Murky/Bottled Water or Tea or Coffee now gives the empty Jar back (notably, cooking processes that require Bottled water still don't)
  • First Aid Kits, Blood Draw Kits and Blood Bags added
  • Gunpower Charges added as an intermediate crafting item (e.g. to make TNT you first use Gunpowder to make Gunpowder Charges, then you use the Charges and some other things to make the actual TNT)
  • Players and entitites (persumably this means everyone, including Zombies and animals) move more slowly in water, on Sand and through Webs (initially movement over Sand was much slower than intended - I think this persisted into alpha 10.0)
  • Reduced chance of finding complete weapons; weapon components now added to loot_tables, intended to be the primary way of getting them
  • Bookcases added to the game
  • Minimap removed - player can no longer automatically know that Zombies are within LoS (a few 0.1 versions earlier, the minimap had been changed so that only Zombies within LoS showed on the minimap, i.e. not those that were hidden behind in-world structures such as ruins, but I don't remember exactly when that was, and I'm pretty sure the patch notes didn't document it)
  • 7th night Hordes added as a specific thing, a major threat
  • Reduced the general amount of loot containers (e.g. in homes, many former Cupboards are now simply red blocks that can't be interacted with)
  • Zombies are no longer slowed by the light from Camp Fires and Forges, but also no longer run indoors (in homes and other buildings) during the day
  • Clay is no longer randomly gotten when digging Dirt, but only from specifically digging into clay depossts (different, more red colour from Dirt). Note that this causes problems for Navezgane mam play (raid the Coronado Farm for Corn, use Corn Meal to make Lumps of Clay) but is unproblematic for random gen maps, which are clearly intended to be the primary play mode from 9.0 onwards
  • Ore layers added, each about 20 voxels deep, all layers contain Stone and Iron (always lots of Stone). First layer also contains Coal, 2nd layer also contains Pot, 3rd layer also contains Lead, beyond that (60+ voxels deep) is Tungsten. These were removed from the game later, replaced with some kind of Perlin based randomness
Alpha 9.1 from alpha 9.0, major changes
  • Text search field added in crafting interface (e.g. type in "rossb" to find both Crossbow and Crossbow Bolt)
Alpha 9.2 from alpha 9.1, major changes
  • Valve Anti-Cheat changed to Easy Anti-Cheat
  • Biome Spawning Masks added. Separate masks for Zombies and animals. This means that if you kill all of the Zombies in a given map area, you'll "suppress" new "mask-based" spawning of Zombies for a period, usually 5 days. Same with killing all the Deer, but keep in mind that only some of the Zombies that spawn spawn via the "mask" system!
  • 7th Night Hordes are now "Feral"
  • Plains Biome changed to Grasslands Biome, meant to look more like Arizona (i.e. yellow) than Kansas (green)
  • Coffee can now be farmed
  • Also farming no longer requires water (but the Dirt must be Hoe'd). Crops now grow deterministically, instead of at random speed (no more %chance die roll to advance to next growth stage)
  • Some Zombies now walk somewhat faster, during the day
Alpha 9.3 from alpha 9.2, major changes
  • Crops are no longer damaged or destroyed when walked on
Peter Knutsen

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