Sunday, 25 January 2015

Patch notes 7.7 to 7.11 distilled

In these posts, I'll "distill" the patch notes released by The Fun Pimps, singling out those rather fewer game-mechanical changes that I consider to be noteworthy. In this way, players familiar with older versions get a chance to "catch up" quickly without having to read the mile-long patch notes themselves.

Since I bought the game when it was version 7.7, I'll start with the 7.8 patch notes, distilling those, and then work my way up to the current version, after which it'll probably be one post per 0.1 release (except when I think there are no noteworthy changes in a particular release). I very much doubt I'll ever go back and cover pre-7.8 patch notes, since that'll be a lot more work for me, to determine what is and what isn't significant when it's something I do not have personal play experience with.

Alpha 7.8 from alpha 7.7, major changes
  • .44 Magnum revolver added to game, as a very rare find (3 parts, separate!)
  • Skill Books added, one that must be read in order to combine the 3 parts to make the Magnum revolver, and some other ones (mostly for various ammo and firearms, and the Repair Tool. Additional Skill Books were added later)
  • Metal Strips and similar now used for tool/weapon repair, instead of the old "combine" system
  • Infection and Bleeding DeBuffs added. Anti-Biotics can also be crafted now
  • Small Stones unified, to not take up excessive inventory space due to being different types (rock01, rock02, et fucking annoying cetera). There were other similar unifications in the later 7.* or early 8.* versions, to reduce needless inventory clutter, but I don't seem to have included those in these notes
  • Zombies can now drop Short Iron Pipes
  • Ammunition no longer needs to be kept in the belt - the player character can reload all weapons using ammo stored in the inventory backpack
Alpha 7.9 from alpha 7.8, major changes

- none -

Alpha 7.10 from alpha 7.9, major changes
  • Land Claim Blocks added, to facilitate a Survival PVP mode. Note that since I'm not into PVP, I'll usually not include such changes, pertinent only to PVP play, in these summaries
  • Build-block upgrade system added (Wood and Cobblestone, Frame -> Tier 1 -> Tier 2 -> Tier 3)
  • Sub-Biomes added ("like thick tree patches in the plains or flowered areas to the pine forest").
  • Surface Boulders added (destroy to get Stone, Iron Fragments and sm. amounts of Pot and Coal - the last two were removed again at a much later time)
  • Simple Bandages added (the ones I usually refer to as non-Healer Bandages), that only stop the Bleeding DeBuff
  • Right-click with empty hand to drink from river/lake added (keep in mind, what you'll drink is Murky Water, so don't do it unless you absolutely have no choice)
  • Crossbow Bolts and a few other items now have a stack limit of 250 (up from 64, I think). Later on other stack limits were also increased
  • Sharpened Sticks removed as an item from the game (before you had to first make Sticks and then craft them into Sharpened Sticks, e.g. to make the WoodSpike trap!)
Alpha 7.11 from alpha 7.10, major changes

- none -
Peter Knutsen

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