Sunday, 25 January 2015

Patch notes 7.11 to 8.8 distilled

In these posts, I'll "distill" the patch notes released by The Fun Pimps, singling out those rather fewer game-mechanical changes that I consider to be noteworthy. In this way, players familiar with older versions get a chance to "catch up" quickly without having to read the mile-long patch notes themselves.

Back to alpha 7.8 to 7.11

Alpha 8.0 from alpha 7.11, major changes
  • Smooth terrain - 7D2D no longer looks like Minecraft
  • Air Plane Supply Drops added (I think this means added to the regular game - I believe they were originally a feature of a partcularly combat-intensive Deathmatch game mode, with less focus on survival, crafting and building, but I've never played or even just explored that mode, so can't be sure)
  • Gascans (to fuel Augers and Chainsaws) can now be made from Grain Alcohol
  • WoodFrames and Rebar Frames can now be picked up, as long as they haven't been upgraded (personally, this is one of my all-time favourite changes, as it makes building a lot less frustrating)
Alpha 8.1 from alpha 8.0, major changes
  • Repair Tool can now upgrade blocks (before it could only repair damaged blocks)
Alpha 8.2 from alpha 8.1, major changes
  • Option for "Feral" Zombies added (Zombies that automagically knows where the player character is, as if by ESP)
  • Tree farming added (Maple and Pine)
  • Small Rocks can be smelted into Cement now, in Forges
  • Item crafting now has a categories menu, including colour codes
  • SMGs, Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers can now only be found in military crates
Alpha 8.3 from alpha 8.2, major changes
  • Added 1 Skill Book to "gate" the crafting of all Leather Armour, and 1 Skill Book per slot item to craft the Iron Armour
  • Updated to the Unity 4.5 engine (presumably from Unity 4.0?)
Alpha 8.5 from alpha 8.3(/8.4), major changes

- none -

Alpha 8.6 from alpha 8.5, major changes
  • Some books are now classified as "rare", in terms of loot_tables (generally very few changes were made in 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6)
Alpha 8.7 from alpha 8.6, major changes
  • Valve Anti Cheat added
  • Upgradeable Trunk Tips (traps)
  • Suicide button removed from game interface
Alpha 8.8 from alpha 8.7, major changes

- none -

Onwards to alpha 9.0

Peter Knutsen

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