Thursday, 22 January 2015

Instructional videos 101

This post is for gathering noob-friendly instructional videos made by others, mainly on Youtube. If you come across a good instructional video for early or early-mid game, please let me know about it so I can include it.

7 Days To Die Tutorial - Day 1 Survival - Tools & Weapons
For: v10.4 alpha.
Link to the video, video is made by Capp00, L: 740 (720p), S: YT.
Covers: Zero second strategy, crafting of Stone Axe, Crossbow, Ammo and Iron Reinf. Club.
  • Speaks quickly (yet very clearly)
  • Very easy to understand (no dialect/accent, no speech problems, no hiccups/sneezes/coughs, no noises from pets, children or spouse, audio itself is very clear)
  • Has distinct theme (in this case "cover some of the very basics") instead of rambling
  • No serious errors
  • Indicates game version number, and reminds the viewer that the game will change over time
  • Crafting is not set to instant
  • No subtitles (not really needed in this case, but it's a principle)
  • Mouse cursor not visible (a very minor problem, but always unfortunate)
Evaluation: Very Good, would really like to see more such videos from this guy! Hoping mouse cursor will be visible in future videos, and combined with added subtitles would change rating from Very Good to Perfect.

7 Days To Die Tutorial - Day 1 Survival - Food & Water (No cooking pot)
Link to the video, video is made by Capp00, L: 522 (720p), S: YT
Covers: Hunting Deer to get Meat, using a Stick to cook Meat and to boil Water on a Camp Fire, also Smell
  • As above, except:
  • Reminder to click the "Cook" button. I'm a pretty 'ardcore PVE'er in this game by now, but I still forget to do that sometimes
  • Mouse cursor is now visible
  • As above, except:
  • Incorrect information
Incorrect information given in video: Statement about how starvation gimps regeneration of Health and Stamina is out of date - that's not how Wellness works.
Remarks: Notice the brown thingie on the ground at about 150 minutes in? That's a Bird's Nest. always raid those for both Eggs and Feathers.
Evaluation: Very Good.

7 Days To Die Tutorial - Day 1 Survival - Shelter & Spawn Point
Link to the video, video is made by Capp00, L: 529 (720p), S: YT
Covers: Cotton/Bedroll (and respawn advice/mechanics), finding buildings (POIs) along road, cracking Locked Door, then making your own Door and Upgrading it.
  • As above, except:
  • Shows correct Iron Scrapping
  • As above, except:
  • Bad practice
Bad practice depicted in video: Does not emphasize the importance of looting Zombies, especially Nurse Zombies
Remarks: The video seems to suggest that Lockpicks exist as a findable or (eventually) craftable item. That's not actually the case, as of 10.4, but is speculation about what might get added later.
Evaluation: Very Good, as usual, with only minor flaws. Still would benefit from subtitles (even though the voice use is very much better than your average YT tutorial, it's a principle). Hopefully Capp00 will continue to make his excellent videos.

Peter Knutsen

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