Monday, 22 December 2014

What kind of game is "7 Days to Die"?

The Fun Pimps use a bunch of words to describe their game, including horror, survival and crafting.

... means that there are zombies, including shock elements when you get attacked by a zombie unexpectedly. This can take some getting used to, and isn't for those who are faintest of heart. There are also some elements in the ambient soundscape that are meant to be scary, but due to massive overuse, they quickly stop being scary. Hey, it's still alpha!

... means that this is a game for adult minds. It's not for short-attention span twitchies who just want to run around shooting stuff. It's a thinking man's game, a game for men (and women) who can plan ahead, follow a strategy, can understand that putting in a bit of boring work now, e.g. gathering some stuff or building a farm, can give rewards later. It's not instant gratification. It's realistic.

You have to make sure there is food for your character to eat, and water or tea to drink, otherwise he'll suffer. If you fall from too great a height, you'll be hit by a Sprain debuff, or the even nastier Leg Fracture debuff. And so forth.

... means that a large part of the game involves crafting stuff and building structures. In a lot of YouTube videos, you'll see the player just running around looting what he can find, and using it to find zombies. That's retarded. You used to have a good chance, or at least a decent chance, of finding a gun quickly, in loot, in earlier versions, long ago. Not so any more (and yet those retarded youtubers are still playing as they did before, because they do not understand that the game has changed).

If you need something, make it yourself. Make a Crossbow (it's nicely silent). Make a Club of some kind. Make the Stone Axe as your very first tool. Make a Bed Roll and some clothes. Even Cotton clothes gives you better protection than running around nekkid. Likewise, relying on pre-existing buildings for safety is almost always a bad idea, at least for the Feral Hordes that appear every 7th night.

"7 Days to Die" is a persistent world game. You don't just sit down and play for 1 or 3 hours and that's that. Rather, play is an on-going, progressive thing, in the same world again and again, as you clear the local area of zombies (temporarily, anyway) and build yourself a home, get some kind of farm going so you can get food, and go exploring, driving back the fog-of-war.

7D2D is a lot more fun as multipayer than if you play all alone. I happen to dislike PVP, in general, but cooperative multiplayer is hugely fun, especially with a good crowd.

With regards to combat, 7D2D is a first-person game, you need some reflexes, and foot work skill and aiming skill, but also situational and strategic awareness and stealth.

The game is often compared to Minecraft, but that started out rather misleading and has become more misleading over time. In spite of the world being voxel-based, and the presence of the crafting "grid", they're really two very different kinds of games, and there will no be a huge overlap of fans. Most people who hugely like Minecraft won't be intensely fond of 7D2D and vice versa.

Peter Knutsen

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