Monday, 22 December 2014

What is the 34th T-W Silent Server?

The 34th Time-Windowed Silent Server is a private "7 Days to Die" server, for use by me and my friends (if you know me, or are a member of one of the clubs I'm a member of, such as Fantastik or Mensa Danmark, or if you're a former classmate or a Facebook friend, just ask for an invite - you'll probably get it. If not, then you probably won't).

7D2D servers are very common, and if you aren't a friend of me, or if you are but dislike how I'm running my server and what rules I'm setting for it, then you can set up your own.

The 34th Time-Windowed Silent Server has four features:
It's private, it's time-windowed, it's a silent server, and it is cooperative multiplayer.

It's password protected. If you don't know the password, you can't log on to it. The password will be changed periodically, and all eligible players will be informed via private communications channels. If the password you know suddenly stops working, and you don't think you've violated one of the rules, contact me and ask for the new password.

Do not give the password to other players, except in specific cases, e.g. when I instruct Tanya to convey the new password to Hansi (because Tanya has a communications channel to Hansi that's more efficient than the ones I have). There may be a very good reason why Alberte or Don Bunny has not been given the updated password. If they contact you asking for the new password, you should refer them to me. Likewise, if you have a friend you'd like to invite to the server, contact me and tell me about your friend, including how well you know him or her, and how much you trust the person (we do not want griefers - one player running around doing crazy shit for the lulz can destroy the benefits of a dozens of man-hours of careful play).

Means that we only play on the server at certain times of the week. Currently, for the first game (game 01), there'll be three intensive play windows per week, each of 3.5 hours length. Later on this will probably change to two windows of 3 hours each for less intensive play (from 10.5 hours/week to 6 hours/week).

As of now, you can always log onto the server and play, but don't. Only play during the tie windows. If you log on at other times, you advance in-game time which is detrimental to the rest of us. Logging on at the wrong time by mistake isn't a serious crime (just log off as soon as you discover your mistake), but only play during the windows. Later on, when my hosting company get their carbonated asses in gear, the server will fuction such that you only can log on during the windows.

(Up until game 01 starts, it's testing time, meaning you can log onto the server and play and goof around as much as you like. It's not really serious.)

Link to post about current time windows here.

This means we communicate by in-game text chat only. No Teamspeak, no Skype, no Ventrilo. Players who aren't communicating by chat will be suspected of being non-silent and recieve warnings, and will eventually be "cut out of the loop", i.e. not informed about password changes, for a time (a time-out lasting some months) or permanently.

Here is the link to a longer text about language use on the server, but basically you should expect to be reading and writing English, although when everyone on the server is 110% OK with it, we can use Danish.

Keep in mind, my server so my rules. If you prefer different rules, start your own server.

Cooperative multiplayer
This means we all play together, cooperating to build a fortress and defend it against the zombies. We cooperate to gather resources, to craft, invent and build, and to fight.

We'll be good at different things, as per what we as players bring with us to the game (later on there will also be character skills added to the game - but not any time soon, sadly), and based on our tempers. Some like fighting more than others. Some have vast patience for gathering, while others get bored and prefer to go exploring. All of that is gainful contribution towards the cooperative community.

We need to stay coordinated so that we can cooperate (otherwise we won't survive), but the game isn't slavery. If you're not having fun, ask if there is some other type of task that needs doring (e.g. exploring, or cutting down trees, or whatever else you feel like might be more fun, given your current or general mindset). But do understand that you need to contribute. Categorically refusing to gather anything, ever, is anti-social. Also note that crafting can be done automaticaly by your character while you run around and do other things. Crafting is slow, so make sure to contribute there with this non-boring activity.

With three, four or even five players playing every time, we should be able to get on top of things, so that after maybe 15 days, when we've defeated the 2nd Feral Horde, we'll have enough spare resources to be able to goof around, experiment (e.g. with TNT) and have fun. Ultimately, though, 7D2D is a serious game for adults. If you only want to play laugh-a-minute games, then it isn't for you.

In spite of the server being meant for coop MP, friendly fire is enabled. This is to create a more interesting (in the Chinese sense of the word) tactical enviroment. This also means that players won't spawn near each other, when they first enter the game, but will have to find each other, using map coords shared in chat, and the Add Friend/Track Friend in-game functionality.

Note that many 7D2D servers are PVP. They're meant for players fighting each other. Mine isn't.

Peter Knutsen

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