Monday, 22 December 2014

Language use in chat, during play

This post is about the rules for language use on the 34th Time-Windowed Silent Server.

As per the "Silent" adjective, the server is silent. We communicate by text chat, not voice systems such as Skype, Teamspeak or Ventrilo.

The default language is Danish. We use that provided everyone present can read and write it. If just one player can't, then we accomodate him by all switching to English.

Formal communication, outside of the game, e.g. after action reports posted to this blog, can be in Danish or English. I'll translate pertinent bits to English myself, if necessary.

If one player claims he can't write Danish but can still understand it, we'll switch to English anyway, since his understanding of Danish may well be imperfect, leading to misunderstandings of the painful -20 Wellness kind.

If one player can't write Danish but can instead write Norwegian or Swedish, we can try that out, see if it works, if the rest of us can understand him. If it causes problems for someone else, even just one, we'll all switch to English. Or if it turns out he can't understand Danish well enough.

Don't worry about typos, grammar errors and so forth. 7D2D is sometimes a very fast game, and the most important thing is to communicate quickly. If someone requests information of you, reply. A faster reply is better than a slow but typo-fee reply.

Reporting danger
If you see a Horde, or some Spider Zombie scouts, then you should reprot tehm rihtg aawyy! Right away! Don't waste time correcting your typos. If necessary, report twice or thrice, first a hastily typed report indicating that there is some kind of danger and the approximate direction or location of the danger. Then after that a more carefully typed line of chat text, conveying the same information but with fewer error with additional facts included.

This is an adult server. I don't mind if you're 15, or 12, or even younger, but you must be able tolerate the occasional instance of "adult" humour (basically, if you live in the USA and are a teen, your parents won't be comfortable with you being on this server, but if you live anywhere else, they'll be level-headed enough not to worry). Also, you should expect most players to be atheists with an inclination to tell jokes about silly people who believe in nonexistent beings. Nobody means any harm, that's just usually what we're like, here, culturally.

Peter Knutsen

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